Monday, April 19, 2021

New Signage

This spring, a effort is being made to better define areas of the campus to alert folks that this is a private club.  Above, a bronze plaque, identical to the one on the entrance pillar, is fastened to a rock at the Hudson House entrance. 




We're looking at a cooler than normal week...

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


This morning, I had one DryJect machine on site to run the machine about 6 or 7 times over the back area on #2 green and the back of #16 green.  Overtime, these areas settled lower than the surrounding green.  By hitting these spots repeatedly, we pumped enough sand into the root system to raise the areas up to a level consistent with the rest of the green.

Lyn and his team are working overtime to lay stone around the pool.  You'll notice above, our new chess table is awaiting a game!  The oversize chess pieces will be placed once this project is complete.

Over the past 2 weeks, soap flushes are becoming more common as we scout for Annual Bluegrass Weevil adults.  The soap (Lemon Joy to be exact) irritates the insects skin, causing it to come to the surface where we can get an insect per square foot count.  These insects can be extremely destructive!  

"Bluets" , the tiny purple wildflower native to Highlands, are extremely active on all our creek and pond banks.

Rhododendron are being planted in the void above #15 green.  While I wish the shrubs were a little larger, they will fill out over time.  I've heard from several sources that landscape materials and plantings are in short supply everywhere.  Last spring and summer, with COVID, growers underestimated demand and sold a majority of their inventories.  

 It's so rewarding seeing sod all the way up to the 14th hole.  This was quite the project and huge undertaking.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Sands of Time, Links Magazine

If you click on each image, it should allow you to zoom in to read the text.  Interesting piece in Links Magazine by writer, Tony Dear.

Total Rainfall

 The total Rainfall for the weekend was 2.5" of rain.  Total YTD is 30.35"

It will be cart path only today (Sunday).

Saturday, April 10, 2021

1955 Augusta National photos...


It's a dreary Saturday morning but satisfying to see green grass on all these areas as opposed to bare soil after several months of work.  Above, you will be able to access #12 fairway over the curb, once we create small asphalt "ramps" in 3 places along this run.  That will be happening in the next 2 weeks.  Until then, it's a great opportunity to give the sod time to root without cart traffic.

Forecast and Rain

 We received a much need 1/2" of rain yesterday and more expected this afternoon.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Friday, Opening Day 2021

While we still have a long punch list of work to do, we are putting pinestraw and mulch installation at the top of the list. This requires so much man power, that it’s best to put all resource towards it for the next 5-6 days and knock it out. Once complete, we’ll get back to accomplishing all the other items on our list. Your patience is appreciated.  Until our summer help arrives back; a mix of high school and college students, we are somewhat stretched thin right now. In 2-3 weeks, we’ll be well on our way to wrapping up our to do list. 

I’m very happy where we stand right now in terms of putting greens. Once the turf becomes more dense, which will happen when night temperatures start routinely hitting 50 degrees or more, we’ll begin to lower the height of cut from 0.140” down to 0.120”. When this happens in addition to routine rolling, the putting greens will return to the quality surfaces you expect.  Until then, Mother Nature is in charge and our focus right now is healing from spring aerification and growing a solid root system to support us all season long. 

This turtle was caught in Club Lake on Thursday and relocated to nearby pond off property.  This prehistoric looking thing is pretty fascinating consider they can live long lives. To think this guy or girl...I didn’t check) has been in the lake since the 1970’s is pretty crazy. I read this species of turtles can live between 40 to 50 years. 


Wednesday, April 07, 2021


Behind the 5th green, a new septic system was installed this week for one of the nearby residences.  This area was seeded this afternoon and within 3-4 weeks it shouldn't be very visible and will blend with the surrounding turf.

Rita's tulip bed by the administration building is a great touch at this intersection! 

The golf course is waiting for you and looking great.  We still have a pretty long punch list that we'll accomplish in the next week or two.  Below, the bunkers all have sand installed and pinstraw is beginning to go out.  It is all coming together!

The "new" #15...

This area on #15 is still awaiting 20 rhododendron to tie the "rhodo island" to the natural wooded area to the right.

The newest croquet lawn was topdressed and aerated with 1/4" tines this morning.  This will help smooth the lawn and firm it up over time by removing the sod layer.  This lawn will open on Monday, April 12th.  Call Brooklyn at the LEC for further information.  The other two lawns will not be ready for play until May 1st or shortly thereafter.

Even though we're extremely busy on the golf course, we can't ignore our responsibility for landscaping and the opportunity for a new look at the swimming pool.  Michael did a great job preparing the area for what is to come.  He even won $100 cash; a reward I told him he could win if he didn't dent, hit or rip the gutters and downspouts off the building.  While it sounds funny, it was a dicey situation working so close to the building with our mini excavator!  Well done, Michael!

Seeing a Bald Eagle in the wild never gets old!  Even if it is putting a dent intro our fish population, it's still worth it.  While fertilizing the golf course this week, I spotted this fellow pondering life along side the pond on hole #15.

Two trees in the wooded area to the right of #3 were the recent victim of a lightning strike.


Monday, April 05, 2021

Monday Update

The countdown is on!  The golf course opens for play in 4 days!

One of our Bald Eagles is on the lookout for something to eat in #15 pond.

For a second time this spring, we rented the 1.5 ton asphalt roller to smooth greens and sod areas.

Our spring golf course fertilization started today and will be finished on Wednesday.  We are using a 22-0-7 fertilizer, called Polyon, that is manufactured in Alabama.  Polyon is a plastic coating that surrounds a urea prill, to give it slow release characteristics.  This means we can put out high rates and get season long feeding (6 months).

Sand is being installed in the bunkers.  The plan is to have this completed by Thursday. 

A few more shots of the croquet lawn.  Some of these below give you a feeling of what the area looks like when you pull in the main Club entrance.