Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Indoor Focus

As I said before, there is no shortage of work to be done indoors.  All of the table tops from the croquet pavilions were brought in, sanded and refinished.  These same goes for all the practice facility furniture and benches around the campus.  Sanding this teak down and applying 2 coats of teak oil, brings the wood back to life, like new.  New branding irons are on order that will be used on the new tee markers.  Rather than using colors, the Jones tees will be marked with one Highlander man, the Ross tee markers with 2 Highlander men and so on.  Our forward tees will be marked with 4 HCC logos.  More on this will follow in the coming weeks, once we produce the new tee markers. 

Below, William is having a blast sanding the furniture down.

Here is a sneak peak at the new trash receptacles you'll see on the golf course this spring. The wooden receptacles we've used in the past, constructed of reclaimed barnwood, are rotting and beat up from bears trying to get to the garbage. We've been brainstorming ideas for new trash cans and came up with the idea of using angle iron and old, rusted tin roofing.  They will blend into the surroundings and add a unique component to the campus. The best part of it, is we are making them ourselves, thanks to the welding ability of Matthew Green.    

Billy and Cross started work on a handful of new nesting boxes for the golf course.  To date, there are well over 100 bluebird boxes around the campus.  The new boxes will add to the total and replace several that have seen better days.  Gary Dalton has been cleaning them out over the past few weeks and reports that he's only seen one birdhouse that wasn't used.  Cleaning out old nests is critical if we want them to be used again. I appointed Billy and Cross to head up our Audubon recertification efforts that has a November 1, 2022 deadline.  Both of these guys have environmental interests and will take a lot of pride in the project.  The main component of recertification, is having a 3rd party associated with an environmental organization come and tour the property.  They will have a report mailed to them separately and will confirm the efforts Highlands CC is taking to preserve the environment.  Highlands CC has been an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary since 2003, when I first completed the program.  We are part of the 3% of golf courses in the world that have this designation.

Monday, January 17, 2022

7-Day Forecast


The next 2 days should melt some snow but by the looks of it, there could be more snow coming on Thursday and Friday.  Unfortunately, this sets us back on our projects.  

Drone Shots Post Storm

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Snow to Rain Conversion Calculator

Did you ever wonder how much rain it would take to produce a certain amount of snow, if the temperature is just right? I wondered the same thing and came across this conversion calculator that is dependent upon the temperature range during the weather event. For example, today's 8" of snow was caused by 0.533 inches of rain, given the temperature hovered around 27 degrees today.  In the past, I always heard a 1" rain event would produce 10" of snow if the temperature was low enough. It is slightly more complicated than that and I found this is a fun tool you might enjoy as well.  Just click below and see for yourself...


Snow Photos

 Approximately 8” of snow blanketed the Highlands area on Sunday. 

Early Model Sand Topdresser

I saw this photo on social media. While the old time sand topdresser is nice, I’m more impressed with the hole location in the photo.



Snowfall total as of 10:45AM is right at 6”. We are currently receiving some sleet. The power is miraculously still on but the gusty winds combined with the added weight of snow on trees, may change that at any point. 

This morning, a majority of Club roads were plowed except for those that were too dangerous due to the steepness. Tomorrow, when I have a majority of the staff, we’ll be sure to have everything plowed and cleared for your safety. In the mean time, it’s a great day to stay indoors!  

Thursday, January 13, 2022

National Weather Service


Thursday/ Arial Shots

On #10, we started running the lateral lines that feed the individual sprinkler system.  This is the last step of the new system.  We plan to knock at least one hole out per week, provided the weather is reasonable.  The sod is cut and set to the side while a trencher creates a 18" ditch to house the 2.5" HDPE pipe.  These lateral line tine into the main irrigation line that we've been working on since Thanksgiving.  That portion of the project is complete.  All isolation valves are also in the ground.  

Note, the #15 pond is now full of water (below).

On the 8th hole, the new culvert which crosses the approach is installed and we are wrapping this project up.

Above and below are the final two directional boring installs we have to do.  By the end of the day, we will have the pipe in the ground from the security shack over to #10 tee.  This boring machine saved us from having to disturb landscaping and asphalt parking lots in order to get a 12" pipe in the ground.  The final boring location below, connects #10 tee to the the area in front of #1 tee. The diameter of that pipe is 8". 

Finally, here is a pretty photo of the Clubhouse I took while my drone was up in the air.

The forecast for Sunday's snow event is all over the place.  Some say 4-8", others say 8-12" and then there are even some predicting in excess of 20"!  By tomorrow night or Saturday morning, will have their prediction posted and they tend to be most accurate.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Progress #8 Drainage

The frost this morning was so heavy that it looked like it snowed!  It was a beautiful site as I walked the campus this morning.  Speaking of snow...There is as much as 8"-12" of snow being predicted for Sunday! Let's hope we don't get that much!

All of the 12" culvert pipe has been removed and is now being replaced with 24" pipe.  This means it will be able to carry a lot more rainwater without it spilling over onto the turf.  Just how much more water can it carry, you ask? If I asked 100 people how much more water does a 24" pipe carry versus a 12" pipe, 95 would probably respond, twice as much.  The fact of the matter is, a 24" pipe carries 4x the amount of water a 12" pipe carries! The area of a circle is determined using the formula (3.14) (r2).  Therefore, a 12" pipe has an area of 113 square inches vs. a 24" pipe at 452 square inches.

All of the pipe behind the 8th green now comes to a central point (above) that will be tied into one large catch basin. The current plan is to have a 30" pipe out fall to be sure all the water is contained and forced underground. No longer, will we deal with the situation below, which is a result of undersized pipe.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Directional Boring below Dillard Road

Directional boring below Dillard Road started today.  The process is much like a well drill, only horizontal.  Once the drill makes it through, they pull the pipe back through the void that was created.  In these cases, we are almost 8' deep, so we are well below all utilities.


Today, we've got all hands on deck on #8.  While the ground is frozen solid in the morning, we use that time to haul in gravel and sand to fill our ditches.  Once the sun gets up and the ground starts thawing, it's very difficult to get equipment in and out of the area. 

Above, we are hauling off the material that was excavated to find the old galvanized steel culvert below the green.  This material is very rocky and muddy and isn't worth leaving in place.  That large hole will be backfilled with several feet of gravel and then a foot of sand medium.

On the left side of the green, the ditches are topped off with 80/20 sand: peat mix and packed with a vibratory packer.  This is the critical piece so the ditches don't settle.  The area between the green and the bank was also regraded so it's now possible to get a wedge under a golf ball should you miss the green to the left.