Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Above, a pretty photo taken from Cobb Rd above the 3rd hole.
Below, a bear continually gets into our bee hives.  Things are looking good inside but the honeybees are not too happy when I stand the hive back up.  The bear doing this has to have one sore snout, after he stirs up the hive when it hits the ground.  I'm not sure the honey would be worth it!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Before and After: Take-all Patch

Here is the before (below) and after (above) photos off effective take all patch treatment.  In the future, it's apparent we need to take a more aggressive preventative approach on fairways.  You never stop learning in this business and I find myself humbled on a daily basis.  I find that to be a good thing, otherwise the job wouldn't be much fun.

Electric Equipment

Although the technology of battery powered equipment has been around for a number of years, it's just now getting to the point (in my opinion) where it is commercial use quality.  We are experimenting with a couple things; namely blowers.  This particular blower has a 80V battery!  There is no doubt that a gas powered blower running full throttle at 6am is obnoxious.  However, getting the facilities cleaned up before golfers and cars inundate the Club is critical.  My concerns regarding battery powered blowers are mainly their longevity, durability and the fact that if the battery is not properly charged the night before, they are rendered useless first thing in the morning.  On the flip side, there is no risk of fuel leaking on greens and run much quieter than their counterparts, the gas blower.  Do date, I've yet to see a battery powered blower that is able to move the kind of air that a Shihl brand backpack blower can.  Engineers with companies like Stihl, Echo and Husqvarna are no doubt working on them and it's only a matter of time until they develop something great.    

Monday Greens Venting

As advertised, the putting greens are being vented today and sand topdressed.  We actually apply the sand 1st, so the weight of the machine doesn't track on softer greens, a temporary condition created by aeration.  Within a few days, you won't be able to tell we did anything.  As for the turf, the benefits in regards to root health, are long lasting.  It is necessary to perform this type of maintenance in order to have good quality putting greens, season long. 
On another note, the morning temperature today at Highlands CC was 44*F!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Reminder of Monday's greens venting

Just a reminder, we will be venting greens on Monday, using 1/4" hollow tines or 'pencil tines.'  The result will be minimal disruption with the primary goal to get oxygen into the root zone.  With all the rain we've had during this last 3 week stretch, the greens will really benefit from this procedure.  Thank you for your patience and support and if you have any question, please be sure to ask!  These types of processes will ensure for healthy greens for the duration of the season.

Rain totals and Couples M/G Tournament

Last night, we received 2" of additional rain at the Club.  We are going to be staying off fairways and approaches (mowing) until they have time to dry.  We will be doing our best, through the use of signage, to allow golfer cart traffic on some fairways.  The total rainfall for the week has been around 3.5".
On a positive note, it looks like high pressure will be moving in Saturday night and will allow the golf course to dry out again!