Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Handrail added to #16 for safety

After a few reports of potential falls, we added a handrail to the steps leading from #16 green up to the #17 tee boxes.

Tee aerification

This morning, our aerifier is out in full force working on a few tee boxes.  Come late August, we have a lot of areas that are sealed off and trying to move water down is near impossible, even with the use of wetting agents.  Failure to move water into the soil results in turfgrass wilt- small brown spots.  By punching a hole- a 5/8" hole in this case- we are able to bypass the thatch and organic material to move water where it is needed.  We are not aerifying all tees on the golf course, rather we identified a list of about a dozen tees that give us trouble.  We will also be aerating a couple small areas in a fairways here and there.  None of this will impact golf and will largely go unnoticed.  Our main tee aerification process is schedule for sometime in mid-October.

How often should we aerify greens?

This is a great article that offer basic insight to decisions regarding aerification.  I hear a lot of comments about this from members- most feel that due to our short season (which really isn't short in terms of northern climate golf courses- It's actually a long season) we shouldn't cause any disruption.  I wish that were case more than anyone else.  However, I would be doing the HCC membership a major disservice if I didn't aerify and disrupt the greens.  A few weeks of less than perfect greens and complaints, outweighs the alternative: closing the golf course for 6 months to renovate greens.  With a USGA spec green, it wouldn't take long for greens failure to occur as organic material clogged the root zone.  With aerification, there is no denying the fact it needs done, the question continues to be, when can we do it to create the least amount of disruption to out members? 
A combination of 3 DryJect aerations scheduled in September and November, coupled with 5/8" hollow tine coring and a 3mm Graden Verticutting (with sand injection) in the spring, give us the necessary displacement to ensure the long term health of the greens. On top of this, we are lightly topdressing every 14 days and using 1/4" hollow tines 1-2x throughout the season. 

Boardroom Magazine: Upgrading Your Course

Interesting Legal Case...

Boardroom Magazine

Boardroom Magazine always has some great pieces written by experts in the industry.  Club culture is a great topic because it's that culture- established by the membership and nurtured by staff that makes Highlands CC so unique and special.  Culture dictates a lot of what we do, like hiring decisions.

Monday, August 21, 2017


It looks like a front may move through Wednesday that will bring cooler temperatures to Highlands. 

Eclipse photos from a Local Photographer...

I thought these were really cool photos taken by a local talented photographer, Kevin Vinson. He took these photos in Franklin, NC.